Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas


I don’t like wedding cake. There I said it.

Ok, I’ll clarify, I don’t like the traditional fruit wedding cake – the one that’s a bit like Christmas cake, but with prettier decorations.

I’ve been to a few weddings in my time and only ever had this type of cake. I try and hide the disappointment on my face when the small slither of dark, fruit-filled cake comes my way and I begrudgingly peel off the thick icing to enjoy.

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Top 10 Wedding Venues in Suffolk

Suffolk Wedding Venues

Suffolk is such a lovely county, not least for its beautiful countryside. I think that it is the perfect place to get married and if you have considered it great! This is the post for you.

A few of my favourite places to get married are all here. A mini sneak preview: a purpose built event centre so you really can create your own wedding décor and backdrop,  country houses and a restored water mill. Read on for more details! There is so many different choices here and I hope that I help you find the perfect Suffolk venue!

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Cultural Weddings at Trinity Park

Cultural Weddings

Being from Suffolk myself I just thought that I would leave a little advice for anyone considering a cultural wedding in this beautiful county and add a bit of ‘did you know?’ on my blog.

More and more cultural weddings are being held in our region and a place that I am familiar with (due to it also being the vast venue for the ever popular Suffolk Show) is increasingly becoming known as the leading venue in the country for Asian weddings and pre-wedding celebrations such as groom’s parties – Trinity Park

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Cake-stands Under £20

Cake Stands

A wedding is not complete without cake, but these days the definition of ‘cake’ can alter. Whether the bride and groom opt for a traditional tiered wedding cake, cupcakes, cake-pops, add a grooms cake or go for something totally wacky, the need for a cake stand is pretty much guaranteed. However, with some stands, especially for weddings, costing upwards of £100, I needed to look around for some cheaper options! The high-street has some great alternatives that you could use for a fifth of that price and so – another list I know – but here are 7 beautiful cake-stands that you can incorporate into your day for under £20!

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5 Handmade Favour Ideas


In general, a favour is a small gift given to guests as a thank you for attending an event, as a memento of the special occasion or just to follow with traditions. They come in many shapes and sizes from small party bags given to each other as children, but more commonly they are seen as a necessity at weddings. With the average number of guests reaching close to 200, the favours can be an expensive part of your wedding and be a bit of a waste of money if they do not reflect you and your special day. And so, onto the main point of this post, a list of five handmade favour ideas to help you save a little money, but also personally thank your guests for attending.

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