5 Handmade Favour Ideas


In general, a favour is a small gift given to guests as a thank you for attending an event, as a memento of the special occasion or just to follow with traditions. They come in many shapes and sizes from small party bags given to each other as children, but more commonly they are seen as a necessity at weddings. With the average number of guests reaching close to 200, the favours can be an expensive part of your wedding and be a bit of a waste of money if they do not reflect you and your special day. And so, onto the main point of this post, a list of five handmade favour ideas to help you save a little money, but also personally thank your guests for attending.

A Wedding Playlist

To be honest, this one would take a bit of time and it is questionable as to whether it is legal, but it’s a lovely idea all the same. I’m sure many of you will agree that music and emotion go hand in hand, so this would be a perfect wedding favour. Make a playlist full of feel good songs, songs that remind people of you – hey, you could even ask your guests to describe you in one song at the wedding, collect up all these ideas and choose your favourites to give out as a thank you after the wedding. As with many gifts, the packaging and how it looks is just as important as the gesture itself. With CDs, how about ditching the traditional plastic packaging and opting for something a bit more unusual. Hand-make a brown paper slip, make it the sparkliest gift you have ever given, make it really different, but most of all make people smile when they receive it. The songs already remind them of you and I’m sure that they loved the day too so you can always risk going a little bit more daring in terms of decoration.

Some CD Sleeve Designs

Seed Bombs 

I think that this is one of the most lovely ideas that I have come across. A bunch of seeds packed into a love heart shape that you plant in your garden or a plant pot. As time goes on, the seeds grow into beautiful flowers! It’s nice as planted flowers obviously last a lot longer than something like chocolate (in our house anyway!) and it’s great for the kids too. There are loads of tutorials online like this one here, but you can even buy these cute bombs for very little. If you are short on time, it could be a good option for a wedding, especially an outdoors, eco-friendly or country style one.

Lottery Tickets

Ok, this isn’t a handmade favour, but I still think it deserves to go on the list. Furthermore, you can add a handmade element to it. Either slip the ticket into a handmade sleeve or place it in a thank you card. Hand written cards do take a little longer to do, but your guests will really appreciate your words. And son’t forget to wish them luck!

Christmas Tree Decorations

Especially great for a Christmas wedding, but this idea can obviously be altered for any wedding. Make a hanging ornament, a sun catcher or sign to hang on a door, but make sure that it reflects you and your wedding day. If you have a beach wedding make a simple stained glass design reflecting the waves on the beach, if your other half goes fishing all the time make a sign for everyone saying ‘gone fishin’, the ideas are limitless it just depends on how creative you are and the time (as well as money) you want to invest into your favours. Anyway, back to the original idea of Christmas tree ideas. This is a really lovely one as the decoration will come out every Christmas. It’s dead simple too. Decorations out of wood look really good, but felt and clay are great alternatives.

Drinkable and Edible Treats

Of course these types of favours are probably the best. Great for kids (and grown-ups) if placed on the tables people can enjoy them there and then or take them home to enjoy later. There are so many foodie favours out there so I thought I would just list a few of my favourites.

1. Fudge – in the shape of love hearts… of course

2. Alcohol; Sloe gin, limoncello – put it in little bottles and label with vintage style brown tags

3. Jams and Chutneys – Spread the love!

4. His and her cookies

5. Lollipops and more

And so many more ideas on the internet. I must give Pinterest a mention. So many pictures in one place that really get your creative juices flowing!

I really hope that you have enjoyed this post and that it has given you some ideas to think about. If you have anything to add, leave me a comment – I’d love to hear your ideas too!

Until, tomorrow probably, bye!


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