Cake-stands Under £20

Cake Stands

A wedding is not complete without cake, but these days the definition of ‘cake’ can alter. Whether the bride and groom opt for a traditional tiered wedding cake, cupcakes, cake-pops, add a grooms cake or go for something totally wacky, the need for a cake stand is pretty much guaranteed. However, with some stands, especially for weddings, costing upwards of £100, I needed to look around for some cheaper options! The high-street has some great alternatives that you could use for a fifth of that price and so – another list I know – but here are 7 beautiful cake-stands that you can incorporate into your day for under £20!

Cake Pops

I’m going to start with cake-pops. I love them. Granted, I haven’t got round to making any of these mini treats, but I have seen a plethora of gorgeously decorated ones and especially like these two recipes here and here. They are decorated so beautifully and the second ones are great for kids!



Any way, back to cake stands! if you do decide to have some cake-pops, I’ve found these stands here. They have a few shapes for you to choose from too, like love hearts and butterflies, but also more traditional simple shapes. There are two sizes which either hold 16 or 32 cake-pops and prices start at £12.49

Cake pop


Food Cart

The moment I saw this, I absolutely fell in love. I can imagine it being really effective on a white table with loads of other carnival style bits and pieces. Pictures speak louder than word in this case so look below!

Street Food


It’s a really great little item! Three tiers, which also comes paper cones that you can fill with whatever you wish, (maybe some marshmallow popcorn or chilli roasted nuts) as well as the little A board sign and stickers for personalisation. The stand can hold around 24 cupcakes and costs £19.50.

Cake Stand Set

Ok, time to get onto an actual cake stand! This is a gorgeous set from Mrs Bridges and as well as a beautiful cake stand the set comes complete with a scone mix and some preserves to serve with them.

The scalloped edge with holes make this a really traditional design that would not look out of place in any wedding and at bang on £20 you can’t really go wrong. You could even make the scones and serve them for your big day! Great for a tea party spread at a wedding.

For more information on this item and some images click here 

Centre Piece

I think that this would be the most sublime centre piece, but also look great on a dessert table. I don’t really know what to say about it – I love it and it just speaks for itself really! Also at £16.99 it looks like a bargain to me.

Dome Via 

Cupcake Stand 

I have cheated with this one a little bit as it is very slightly over budget, but it is so pretty that I couldn’t not share it with you (is that a double negative, hmm not sure, you know what I mean). Anyway, its a gorgeous white spiral cupcake stand that holds 19 cupcakes. It looks so effective, but is over budget at £20.38… please forgive me?



I really hope that you have enjoyed looking through my list of cake stands and that I have inspired you to try something a bit different. Talking of different I will soon be doing an ‘alternative’ series and help you come up with some ideas to really make your wedding that little bit different

Thanks for stopping by!


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