Cultural Weddings at Trinity Park

Cultural Weddings

Being from Suffolk myself I just thought that I would leave a little advice for anyone considering a cultural wedding in this beautiful county and add a bit of ‘did you know?’ on my blog.

More and more cultural weddings are being held in our region and a place that I am familiar with (due to it also being the vast venue for the ever popular Suffolk Show) is increasingly becoming known as the leading venue in the country for Asian weddings and pre-wedding celebrations such as groom’s parties – Trinity Park

So why is Trinity Park the Best?


Trinity Park Events centre can be transformed into a room fit for your day. It is ideal for hosting wedding parties for more than 500 and can adhere to the traditional religious customs such as the segregation between male and female guests without a problem.


The room has been custom built and has the options to subdivide spaces in accordance to your needs. They will always aim to make the space as comfortable as possible and the clean slate allows your imagination to run wild with ideas

Traditional Catering

Trinity Parks has developed excellent relationships with Asian caterers that can help make your special day extra ordinary and they will work with you to get exactly what you want. Have a look here

Unlimited Parking

The grounds are extensive and this allows for a lot of parking along with beautiful areas for pictures or a place to cool off after dancing the night away!


They are highly experienced in responding to the requirements and customs of cultural weddings. Furthermore, Trinity Park also have a dedicated wedding coordinator who has become a sensitive confidante of their Asian wedding clients and learned so many of the customs and requirements of these events. Because of this he can benefit any future parties coming to him with ideas and advice

Individual Plans

Each wedding can be individually planned and coordinated across the clients. The blank slate can be coloured in however the client wishes so the wedding can be truly unique.

Exclusive Use 

Finally, like all weddings at Trinity Park each wedding has exclusive use of the site to ensure it is how they want it to be

I really hope that this has given someone a little glimpse into a side of Trinity Parks that they may have not known existed. It’s a really wonderful site and holds many events, Christmas parties and of course weddings. As I say, this is just a heads up for people if they are interested and for any more information you can look at there website if you click here

Thanks for reading!


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