Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas


I don’t like wedding cake. There I said it.

Ok, I’ll clarify, I don’t like the traditional fruit wedding cake – the one that’s a bit like Christmas cake, but with prettier decorations.

I’ve been to a few weddings in my time and only ever had this type of cake. I try and hide the disappointment on my face when the small slither of dark, fruit-filled cake comes my way and I begrudgingly peel off the thick icing to enjoy.

Alt Wedding Cake Ideas 2

Cake. The epitome of celebration.

Years of birthday cake have passed these lips and I’ve enjoyed every moist, tasty morsel so why can’t wedding cake – cake to celebrate one of the most important days of your life and the future- be good?!

Well I for one have had enough and as you may or may not have seen, at the top of this post is a massive hint to the point of this blog, (I know the image is kinda fuzzy so I’ll just clear it up just in case) – Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas. Something a bit different and a whole lot yummier than the rather boring and traditional wedding cake. Get people talking, excited and ready to party. It is a celebration after all and you can bend rules if you want –  how about starting with the cake?

The ‘I’ll be a little different, but not too crazy’ Wedding Cake Options 

Ok I get it, it’s not really ‘you’ to change things up too much. And hey, that’s ok. Here are a couple of ideas that make the traditional cake a little more interesting, but still stick within the ‘cake’ category.


A tower of cupcakes can actually look really impressive. Decorate them according to your colour scheme or theme and they can look just as good a a three tier cake. Furthermore, they’re easy to portion and people can just help themselves once you’ve cut a piece of cake – You could even cut a giant cupcake or halve a smaller one and shared it



Little cakes on sticks that can be decorated in anyway you like, be it a bunny rabbit, a flower, love heart or simply covered and decorated with some sparkle. Kids would especially love these if left out on a table, but there are some really grand cake designs using them too like this one below.

Cake Pops

Flavour Combos

If you did want to stick to a traditional wedding cake (with the look anyway) you can always change the inside to really reflect your tastes. Chocolate, vanilla, marbled, carrot, lemon – there are so many cakes and different flavours that it is truly mad to stick to the fruit cake in my opinion. There’s also so many types of cake. Battenberg for example, how amazing would that be as a wedding cake?


The ‘I don’t like cake’ Options

I know, who doesn’t like cake right? Anyway, for those people who are really against cake – and anything sweet for that matter, here are some options for you.


Yes, these could be fruit pies, but they could also be pork pies! You could even have the giant pork pie and mini pies surrounding it, just like a cupcake display. Not my cup of tea, but if you don’t have a sweet tooth, this could be perfect for you! Pastry can also look really fancy. You can make flowers out of it, words like in the image below and it could look really impressive.


Cheese Cake

No, I don’t mean cheesecake – I mean cheese cake. I guess you can’t really call it cake. Stacked cheese. I think it’s a really good idea for after dinner though – add some crackers, apples, grapes, biscuits and you’ve got a brilliant end to a meal.


Sushi Cake

I don’t like sushi, but again this would be a really effective and something really different from the usual. I think this would be perfect for a beach wedding and lovers of seafood, but probably not best for the winter.


The ‘Delicious Desserts’ Options 

Transforming desserts into cakes – what could possibly go wrong? Even if you don’t want these as the main wedding cake, you could have these as extras on a dessert table and this gives your guests different options too.


Delicious and creamy, this could be a lighter alternative to wedding cake. cheesecake also comes in all manner of flavours from simple vanilla or chocolate to more extravagant flavours like strawberry and marshmallow. Delicious!



Especially perfect for a brunch wedding, but pretty sweet for any wedding at all to be honest. Waffles are a really different idea and of course other brunch foods, pancakes or maple bacon could also feature. Ooh the possibilities!



C’mon… a doughnut wedding cake? YES. I have nothing else to say on the matter


And there you have it. A few ideas for alternative wedding cakes. In the very first image there are a few more ideas, but I’m not sure if you can read them so I will list them below for you to also consider. Overall, the aim of this isn’t to be intentionally different or not yourself, but to give you some ideas. If you love Oreos why would you not have an Oreo cake, do you really want a fruit cake? Makes sense to me

Thanks for reading and as I said look below for a few more ideas. I’d love to know if you also have any other options :)

Fruit Tarts – Fruit – Croquembouche – Toffee Apples – Ice Cream – Mini Pavlovas – Pancakes – Brownies – Meringues – Macarons – Fruit Pies – Fudge – Fortune Cookies – Cookies – Chocolate Strawberries – Blondies – Profiteroles…


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