Top Five Wedding Day Nails


Whether you go for something understated or bold, something blue or a cute ‘I do’ on your nails, the design can really finish off your outfit so you really sparkle from your tips to your toes.

Here are my top five wedding nails.

Wedding Nails

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1. Lace Manicure

A really sweet design that would compliment a lacy dress so well.

2. Something Different

Great for the bride who wants to stand out! Also would look lovely if it was to incorporate the wedding colour scheme and really merges everything together

3. Matt Grey

An unusual choice that works beautifully. The matt is also a nice change creating a look that is clean, modern and sexy.

4. Copper

 Shimmery and effective. This design is one of my favourites and the hint of colour is not too overpowering.

5. Subtle Love

A really cute design that is simple but really effective on your wedding day. Would also look good and possibly more mature in a deep red and cream.

I hope that you like these designs and if you are going crazy with your wedding day nails I’d love to know what you have done! Also, for more inspiration Pinterest is one of the best places to look first. However, I spent waaaaay too long having a gander on there, there’s so many ideas!


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