A Kid Friendly Wedding: Some Ideas

Kid Friendly

Recently, I have been seeing more and more weddings that are ‘adults only’ and to be honest, I’m not too sure how I feel about this. Yes, this means that there will be no crying or kids running around, or parents possibly having to leave early, but guess what? It also means that there will be no pictures of kids in really smart suits, or running up to you saying how much you like like a princess, or those really special wedding photos that children seem to make. And who is ALWAYS first up on the dance floor? Correct, a little girl swinging her arms side to side getting the party started!

I hope that those are enough reasons to get those kids at your wedding, but yes, they probably will get bored. Never fear! Here are a few ideas that will keep them entertained and as good as gold on your special day

DIY Activity Book


A cute little book to give to your smaller guests. This is really easy to make using a computer and can Include fun tasks like people bingo (e.g. find someone who has a pet), scavenger hunt, colouring pages, dot to dot, word searches… so many ideas to keep kids entertained!

DIY Activity Box



If you really want to give the kids a treat, or if only a few are attending you could also make up some activity boxes. They don’t have to be boxes of course – make them fit into your theme. Put items in suitcases, flower pots, beach buckets, all sort! I am not even going to attempt at doing a better article than this blog. All the hints, tips and information you will need on a great activity goody box is there!

Kids Only Area



Great idea if you’ve got the space available. Grab a bunch of cushions, colouring supplies, toys, and bubbles, plonk them in a No Adults Zone and let the kids have fun!


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