Rainbow Series: Blue

Blue Wedding theme

Welcome back to another rainbow series post. This time we have blue!

There are so many shades of blue from light pastel shades and baby blues, to greener tones, dusky grey-blues and popular royal and navy blues.

I have scoured the internet… ok Pinterest! to again find many a picture and all your blue wedding inspiration.

As always, enjoy!

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Rainbow Series: Green

Green WeddingWho knew there were so many shades of green?

Moss, sage, lime, emerald… the list goes on, but whichever green you choose, it is a lovely theme colour for your wedding!

Again, here are a few pictures and ideas for your green wedding :)

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Rainbow Series: Yellow

YellowI’m loving this series more and more! Yellow is now defiantly my favourite colour for a wedding. A peaches a cream theme is gorgeous as is a more stormy yellow and grey, but yellow also works with more traditional navy and adds pops of freshness and colour to a happy day. Plus daisies are my favourite flower so yellow of course works well with what I have in mind!


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