Short Wedding Dress – Yes or No?

Long or Short

Have you ever considered a short wedding dress? Here is a little list of some pros and cons that I have come up with, but whichever you decide, choose a dress you love! It is after all, your day

Pros of Short Wedding Dresses

  • Fun and alternative
  • Can dance the night away
  • Going to the toilet is a lot easier!
  • In Summer, it’s the cooler choice – as in temperature :)
  • Short dresses flatter petite brides
  • Easier to manage – you don’t have to worry about tripping over
  • Usually cheaper

Cons of Short Wedding Dresses

  • Not considered traditional (could be a pro though!)
  • Less ‘bridal’
  • Not good for Winter
  • Not as attention grabbing or obvious that you are the bride
  • May have to wear uncomfortable shoes as short dresses won’t cover trainers!

It’s up to you!

Depending on your body shape, the theme of your wedding, the season and whether you like the dress you try should determine whether it is the dress for you.

Try them on, give it a go and you’ll find the perfect dress :)


Top Five Wedding Day Nails


Whether you go for something understated or bold, something blue or a cute ‘I do’ on your nails, the design can really finish off your outfit so you really sparkle from your tips to your toes.

HereĀ are my top five wedding nails.

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