Short Wedding Dress – Yes or No?

Long or Short

Have you ever considered a short wedding dress? Here is a little list of some pros and cons that I have come up with, but whichever you decide, choose a dress you love! It is after all, your day

Pros of Short Wedding Dresses

  • Fun and alternative
  • Can dance the night away
  • Going to the toilet is a lot easier!
  • In Summer, it’s the cooler choice – as in temperature :)
  • Short dresses flatter petite brides
  • Easier to manage – you don’t have to worry about tripping over
  • Usually cheaper

Cons of Short Wedding Dresses

  • Not considered traditional (could be a pro though!)
  • Less ‘bridal’
  • Not good for Winter
  • Not as attention grabbing or obvious that you are the bride
  • May have to wear uncomfortable shoes as short dresses won’t cover trainers!

It’s up to you!

Depending on your body shape, the theme of your wedding, the season and whether you like the dress you try should determine whether it is the dress for you.

Try them on, give it a go and you’ll find the perfect dress :)


Rainbow Series: Blue

Blue Wedding theme

Welcome back to another rainbow series post. This time we have blue!

There are so many shades of blue from light pastel shades and baby blues, to greener tones, dusky grey-blues and popular royal and navy blues.

I have scoured the internet… ok Pinterest! to again find many a picture and all your blue wedding inspiration.

As always, enjoy!

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Rainbow Series: Yellow

YellowI’m loving this series more and more! Yellow is now defiantly my favourite colour for a wedding. A peaches a cream theme is gorgeous as is a more stormy yellow and grey, but yellow also works with more traditional navy and adds pops of freshness and colour to a happy day. Plus daisies are my favourite flower so yellow of course works well with what I have in mind!


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A Kid Friendly Wedding: Some Ideas

Kid Friendly

Recently, I have been seeing more and more weddings that are ‘adults only’ and to be honest, I’m not too sure how I feel about this. Yes, this means that there will be no crying or kids running around, or parents possibly having to leave early, but guess what? It also means that there will be no pictures of kids in really smart suits, or running up to you saying how much you like like a princess, or those really special wedding photos that children seem to make. And who is ALWAYS first up on the dance floor? Correct, a little girl swinging her arms side to side getting the party started!

I hope that those are enough reasons to get those kids at your wedding, but yes, they probably will get bored. Never fear! Here are a few ideas that will keep them entertained and as good as gold on your special day

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